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Hi everyone,

This is my first post! Welcome to stampalbums.nl. Here you can share your custom made album pages with other collectors, share tips how to make album pages and show of your work! So don’t hesitate and register.

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Chile album pages

I found a website where you can download album pages for Chile. The pages are in Spanish but the pages look good.


Chile album pages

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Stamp page creator (software)

I create album pages with stamp page creator. The software is really easy but also limited. You can download it here:

Stamp Page Creator

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Websites with free U.S. album pages

Sometimes i will post links to websites that offer downloadable album pages. Today i found some U.S.:

U.S. album pages up to 2015

U.S. Air Mail Stamps 1918-2009

U.S. classic stamps

U.S. precancel albums

U.S. series and topical albums


If you know other websites offering U.S. album pages let us know!

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Album page revenue stamps Venezuela 1947 – 1956

So here is the first page i created, for they are not in the Scott Catalog. Michel and yvert have them in their catalogs.


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